14 July 16

Terrorism du jure!

It didn’t take long! This time in Nice, France.

Again, helpless and unarmed Frenchmen and women were crushed, gunned-down, and mutilated by yet another heavily-armed, suicidal terrorist, who was ultimately killed by police, but only after he murdered in excess of seventy innocents, and maimed many more!

It happened today, and in a nation that has just the kind of gun prohibition the both BHO and HRC are advocating for here (for everyone but themselves).

In France they don’t have that notorious “flow of guns,” to use BHO’s description (as if manufacturers and retailers gave them away). HBO prevaricated further that it was easier in America “to get a gun, than to get a book.” He obviously hasn’t been to a gun retailer recently. I don’t recall having to endure a thorough background check every time I wanted to buy a book!

Well, all that highly-touted gun prohibition doesn’t seem to keep guns from terrorists, in France or here, now does it?

Maybe terrorists in France, as in Bangladesh, just don’t realize gun are illegal, eh? I’m sure they would carefully obey the law otherwise!

Who do “carefully obey the law” are currently lying dead and dying on the streets of Nice, and Orlando, and San Bernardino, and Bangladesh, and a thousand other “gun-free zones” where hypocritical, paranoid politicians casually admit they can’t protect us, but still insist we take no effective measures to protect ourselves.

They shamelessly beg for our votes, yet insist we’re too stupid to own a gun!

Terrorist are on a roll, and they know it, and they are absolutely confident lying leftists in power (here and there) will continue to do nothing about it! What leftists will do (and they are so predictable), is blame innocent gun-owners, who have committed no crime, much like Hitler blamed innocent Jews for his own failures.

Look forward to this kind of incident once a week, at least. They’ll be no let-up!

The world is on fire. We’re on our own. Nobody cares!

“I’m in favor of separation of church and state. These two institutions screw us enough by themselves”

George Carlin