25 July 16

One “incident” per day now in Europe!

From a friend in the UK:

“In Munich, an eighteen-year-old Islamic punk, with an illegally-possessed Glock pistol, attacks innocent children at a local MacDonalds, murdering several, and bringing Munich to a standstill!

As always, heavily-armed German Security Forces were ‘everywhere,’ but nowhere near the incident location in time to prevent the carnage.

Ever the case!

‘Gun control’ has brought ‘no control’ to all of Europe!”


How is that gun prohibition working?

Why is it that violent criminals always have guns, but their victims never do?

Beware of sleazy leftists (here and there), sheepishly speaking from behind a veritable legion of heavily-armed bodyguards, who relentlessly tell you that you’re too stupid to own a gun…

and then shamelessly beg for your vote!