1 July 16

“When all you do is block attacks, you will eventually be hit. When you strike a killing blow, the fight is over!”

Doc Gunn

We are hearing about the latest “battle” (ie: slaughter) in the West’s 1400-year-old war with Islam . Today, it is in Bangladesh, and the target is:

1) Westerners (as always)
2) Unarmed (as always)

and perpetrators are heavily-armed Islamics (as always). They must not realize that guns are illegal in Bangladesh!

In Bangladesh, Islamics have been targeting and murdering secular politicians, journalists, even bloggers for years. Today’s attack is just the latest.

With a dual holiday weekend approaching, this is likely just the opening round!

My comment and advice:

In this war, we are all on the “front line!” Every good and decent person, including all Jews, Christians, atheists, indeed all Westerners, even including “moderate” Moslems, no matter age, status, nor gender, is slated for slaughter. Don’t con yourself into thinking you’re too insignificant to become a target.

They mean to murder every last one of us, and have for the last millennium and a half. Today, they are close to achieving their goal. Our days are numbered, at least on their calendar.

And, we don’t need to “guess” at any of this. They are plainly telling us what they intend to do, in English for our convenience, and have for years. It is no secret!

Western “leaders,” particularly BHO, pretend it is not true, and insist the rest of us do too. Report terrorist activity at your peril. You will be accused of “Islamophobia,” and probably charged with a crime!

Islamic terrorists are banking on the fact that current liberal/leftists “leaders” we’ve put in power are too interested in staying in power, too disinterested in the safety of the rest of us, and too vain to admit they’re wrong, to do anything more than wring their hands, mumble their phoney concern, double their own bodyguard staffs, and assure the rest of us that we don’t need guns!

ISIS understands Western politics better than most Westerners!

“In the pragmatist, streetwise climate of advanced postmodern capitalism, with its scepticism of big pictures and grand narratives… we are invited to think small rather than big, ironically, at just the point when those out to destroy Western Civilization are doing exactly the opposite.

In the conflict between Western capitalism and radical Islam… the West finds itself faced with a full-blooded metaphysical onslaught at just the historical point that it has, so to speak, philosophically disarmed. As far as belief goes, postmodernism prefers to travel light: it has ‘beliefs,’ to be sure, but it has no faith.”

Terry Eagleton