4 July 16

Independence Day, 2016

“I could tell an American immediately, not by manner, walk, cloths, nor anything external, but by the peculiar expression of the eye!

It is a look that seems to embrace the future, rather than the past. The American face has an open-eyed look of confident anticipation, formed out of an aggregation of different races.

The American is nothing but himself- polite, affectionate, and loquacious. By turns, he may become (without apparent reason) brusque, crabbed, and reserved.

He is a man of surprises!

The American people form a ‘race’ by itself!”

George Wade, 1908

Fresh from throwing-off stale, bondage-oriented European political systems, optimistic Americans encountered by George Wade saw nothing they could not accomplish, as they proudly breathed the blessed air of freedom! Our entire nation was “future-oriented,” as George observed. Americans proudly lived by our own labor, and cast our votes without reward, according to our own convictions

A century later, too many Americans are fearful, cowardly, weary, bent-over, dependant, victim-oriented, willfully unproductive and non-contributing, non-assimilating, sniveling, whining, excuse-making, and they invariably look to deceitful, leftist politicians for pathetic handouts, instead of looking to themselves. Votes are now cynically bought and sold, like so many beans!

Servile bondage, piously masquerading as “welfare,” has enslaved them. Many indeed seem naively content with their slave status, and liberal politicians are only too happy to keep them there!

What few optimistic, prospering, expectant Americans that remain (and that George Wade described) are today denigrated and spat-upon by the “politically correct” crowd, who, with the aid of leftists/liberals, want to return us, via Marxism, to the old, suffocating feudal European cast-system from which our Founders fought so heroically to free us.

“How far from truth told stories over again
Synaptic dregs strewn like lie’s moraine
What needs transpire for truth to again reign supreme
The price in blood
Paid age to age…
By men in green”