28 July 16

2016 Democratic Platform on Americans and our guns:

You can ever count on Democrats: Always accurate, but never specific!

“We will:

1) Expand and strengthen background checks and close dangerous loopholes in our current laws

2) Repeal the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act to revoke the dangerous legal immunity protections gun-makers and sellers now enjoy.

3) Keep weapons of war, such as assault weapons and large-capacity ammunition magazines, off our streets.”

“Expand and strengthen” how? What “loopholes?” In case they missed it, guns are already pretty difficult to legally obtain anywhere in America, all but impossible to legally obtain in some states and many metro areas (controlled by Democrats). We already have background checks! And, in case they also missed it, none of this has lessened violent crime, which is currently off the chart. Violent criminals are doing just fine, and have no trouble getting all the guns they want. It is only the rest of us they the seek to forcibly, permanently disarm.

It is obvious they want good and decent people, who play by the rules, and who want to lawfully own guns (and who don’t support them) to be hassled, harassed, and threatened at every turn, until they give-up on being legal gun-owners.

It is also obvious they want to treat our thriving gun industry, including manufacturers, retailers, and owners the same way they treat the coal industry. They want us “regulated” out of business! They want us sued, jailed, and harassed to the point where the private ownership of guns in America is a thing of the past. Curiously, none of this proposed new harassment will ever apply to them!

Ever-undefined “weapons of war” they promise to forcibly confiscate from every American who legally owns one. Yes, they are coming to take your guns. It says right there!

Democrats I know foolishly tell me, “Relax. No one is going to take your guns.”


Apparently, they have not read their own Platform, nor listened to keynote speakers at their own Convention!

Democrats don’t want citizens. They want victims. All of us who don’t want to be perpetual victims are their enemies, and they’ve as much as said it.

Who has ears, let him hear!