5 July 16


Our unstable political climate, underscored by today’s utter capitulation by our “FBI” and its current “Director,” is prompting many to resume buying reserves of small-arms ammunition, particularly 7.62×51 (308) and 5.56×45 (223).

Local retailers here in CO are already reporting short supplies. Inventories of brass-cased, domestically-manufactured rifle ammunition will be very low by this weekend, according to my sources.

I don’t recommend running steel-cased ammunition through any AR, as it breaks extractors. Steel-cased rifle ammunition runs fine in RA/XCRs, SIG 556s, AKs, et al

When you’re looking for a reliable vendor, go to:


My friend and fellow instructor, Jeff Tueller, produces and manages our DTI Operator Series. In addition to videos, he is opening a Pro Shop intended to provide DTI students/subscribers with gear and accessories recommended specifically by Vicki and myself. In the coming weeks, he’ll be listing much more in the shop in the coming weeks. But with the current political climate, ammo is drying up fast! Lots of local shops are imposing limits on how many boxes of ammo you can buy at once. So Jeff got the store up and running for a “pre-launch” sale on this ammo while it’s still available.

The above is also linked on our DTI Web Page (in the menu, look under DTIOPERATOR.COM).

“Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster, Kid…”

Han Solo (played by Harrison Ford), in the first “Star Wars,” feature film, 1977

Solo had no idea how right he was!