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28 Apr 16 Sounding like a typical Democrat politician, an editorialist in VA recently said: “I grew up shooting shotguns and rifles with my grandfather..,” “I understand why people want firearms…,” Then comes the inevitable punch-line: “I do not believe, however, that there is any legitimate reason for ordinary citizens to own military-grade weapons…, yet […]


26 Apr 16 “Excesses and conceits have caused every democracy throughout history to destroy itself.” Taussig The Monsters! We have all witnessed HRC, while entrusted with the office of Secretary of State, setting up a private server outside government control and knowledge and then knowingly passing national secrets on to our enemies, in exchange for […]

New Instructional Series

25 Apr 16 DTI Videos In addition to our subscription Operator Series, I’ve elected to make available several free instructional videos on subjects I consider critically important in light of the current course of world history. We are saturated with viewpoints (sometimes conflicting), particularly with regard to firearms training. I want to introduce correct mindset […]

Savage Joy!

22 Apr 16 AR Monopod When shooting ARs, and most other rifles that accept AR magazines, from the prone position, a thirty-round magazine can be used as a monpod for increased stability. It is just a matter of lowering your body until the bottom of the magazines meets the deck. This technique enables most shooters […]

Symbols and Learning!

17 Apr 16 “Our old gods were not obsessed with us. Among themselves they had endless squabbles and love affairs to be sure, but they ignored us most of the time. By contrast, this Christian God apparently has nothing better to do than make rules for us.” from Bernard Cornwell As a meandering ascendant from […]


16 Apr 16 Flashlights: All of us carry tactical flashlight, by Firstlight, Powertac, Streamlight, EAG, Insight, O-light, 4-Sevens, et al. Tactical flashlights are designed for military usage, put out 500+ lumens, and can thus be used as non-lethal weapons. On the downside, they are typically smaller than a two-D-cell, household flashlight, but still big enough […]


14 Mar 16 “When you told Genghis Kahn you would kill his children, he would tell you, “Go ahead!” But, realize that the cost will be infinite, that he will tear down your cities and nations, and the price will never be paid. He did not lie, and his enemies knew it. His word was […]


12 Apr 16 “When in a tug-of-war with a tiger, and losing, give him rope before he gets to your arm. You can always buy a new rope!” Max Gunther And, you can always live somewhere else! That is currently the inescapable conclusion of many of Chicago’s wealthy residents. Record rates of violent crime (and […]

The Demons!

11 Apr 16 “Positive outcomes don’t necessarily demonstrate superior play. Superior play will lead to positive outcomes more often than will poor play, but even poor players sometimes catch lucky. It is when you confuse catching lucky with playing well, that demons sneak in!” John Vorhaus Yesterday, I watched the final round of the four-day […]

Fire Departments and Fires!

8 Apr 16 “History assures us there are no ‘invincible’ armies.” Joe Stalin “An army lacking courageous, audacious leaders, top to bottom, is little more than an aimless horde of tourists! As dark clouds gather on the world stage, we discover anew that you can’t “manage” men into battle. You have to lead them!” Anon […]

Modern Times!

7 Apr 16 The “State of the Art!” “There is nothing in this world in such dire need of correction as are other people’s opinions!” Anon Within my lifetime, our courageous progenitors, like Jeff Cooper, audaciously introduced us all to the “hot” range. He was ahead of his time! Prior to the “Cooper Era,” nearly […]


4 Apr 16 Background on Belgium, from a friend and colleague: “I grew-up in Belgium and went to local French-speaking schools. Belgium is characterized by a weak central government and strong regional governments, who don’t like each other very much! There are three ‘governments’ in Belgium: A ‘federal’ government, with King Philip ostensibly as head […]

Striker Springs!

1 Apr 16 Comment on pistol striker springs, from a well-known gunsmith: “I’ve been experiencing light primer strikes with a well-used G19. As it turned out, my striker spring had become weak. Of course, primer-cup thickness varies with brands of ammunition, but a good service pistol should be able to shoot it all! It’s a […]