26 Apr 16

“Excesses and conceits have caused every democracy throughout history to destroy itself.”


The Monsters!

We have all witnessed HRC, while entrusted with the office of Secretary of State, setting up a private server outside government control and knowledge and then knowingly passing national secrets on to our enemies, in exchange for laundered political contributions. To such amoral leftists, our nation’s secrets have become just another form of “currency.” I wish I were surprised!

Just imagine if HRC had been a Republican, and a federally-licensed gun retailer:

Imagine her happily selling thousands of guns without a NICS-check, with no record kept, and no form 4473.

Imagine her mixing-in her privately-owned firearms with her unsold inventory.

Imagine her arrogantly telling federal investigators its none of their business.

Can you imagine how hard ATF would land on her?

She would be arrested on the spot, jailed without bail, convicted and spend years in federal prison. She would never again see the light of day!

Her lame excuse of,

“Well, it may not have been the best decision”

would fall far short of impressing a federal jury!

So, why are the Clintons, and leftists in general, always exempt from their own laws?

When armed Marxist monsters come to my door in the middle of the night (as they have so often in the past), to seize me and my family, herd us into a cattle cars, and whisk us off to gas chambers, so long as I have my own guns in hand, I can say:

“No! We’re not going”

That is the reason these amoral monsters are so anxious to make sure none of us out here in peon-land are ever able to have guns. They want to exterminate our ability to say “No” to them!

We’re also supposed to be able to enjoy our 1st Amendment rights. But, “hate speech” is now apparently excluded from protection. Democrats define “hate speech” as any speech critical of them. All dissenters are immediately labeled “_____-phobes,” and, at least on college campuses, they are promptly are expelled, and even taken off to jail! Modern “academic freedom” consists only of the “freedom” to mouth Marxist propaganda.

All other speech is uttered only in the dark, and only in whispers!

This “progressive” agenda is really “regressive,” as it advocates for old, tired, ever-failed leftist/socialist policies of perpetual poverty, government-encouraged criminal violence, class envy, voter fraud, race hatred, and a violently repressive police state.

Nation of laws, or nation of agendas? None of our rights and freedoms are safe!

Monsters are only a breath away!

“… where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way in the dreary desert-sand of dead habits… let my Country awake!”