14 Mar 16

“When you told Genghis Kahn you would kill his children, he would tell you, “Go ahead!” But, realize that the cost will be infinite, that he will tear down your cities and nations, and the price will never be paid.

He did not lie, and his enemies knew it.

His word was iron!”

Conn Iggulden

Fast forward eight hundred years!

Unlike Genghis Kahn, world “leaders” of today, at least in the West, have feet of clay. Their “word” is a joke! Once in a great while, amid endless mumbling, they finally articulate a promise or even a threat, but everyone knows it is all fictitious delusion! They’re not really going to do anything, no matter what they say and no matter the gravity of the provocation, and everyone knows it.

Iran blatantly violates the very nuclear “agreement” they, with a laughing sneer, signed just a few months ago, the agreement in which we give them everything they wanted, and more, and got nothing in return. Even then, they violate it almost casually, knowing BHO won’t object, but instead will actually make excuses for them.

North Korea tests long-range missiles, in violation of countless “agreements,” and the West does nothing.

Vlad P, in classic “cold-war” fashion, blatantly runs mock attacks with his fighter jets on our Navy ships in international waters, and BHO permits it, doing nothing more than mumbling a faint objection… after the fact.

Our friends in eastern Europe and Israel are deathly nervous, and should be! They know Vlad P has done in Eurasia and the Middle East pretty much anything he wants militarily, and the only “response” from the West has been, and will continue to be, confused grumbling, no action, and a short memory!

The current crop of bullies in this world, who resemble Genghis Karn (minus the personal dignity and honor), continue to make monkeys out of BHO and most of the other ostensible “leaders” of Western democracies.

Their boldness will enlarge exponentially as every challenge goes unanswered, and the West ever flounders in denial and bewildered paralysis.

The US is now an unreliable ally and friend. Our (former) allies and friends know and understand that, even when they say it only in whispers. They know they are on their own, just a we are as individuals.

May it not be said of us by future historians,

“They didn’t love freedom enough.”

“As a nation of free men, we must live through all time, or die by suicide.”