1 Apr 16

Comment on pistol striker springs, from a well-known gunsmith:

“I’ve been experiencing light primer strikes with a well-used G19. As it turned out, my striker spring had become weak. Of course, primer-cup thickness varies with brands of ammunition, but a good service pistol should be able to shoot it all!

It’s a standard OEM Glock spring, but has been in the gun since it was new, now going on nine years. The pistol has had well in excess of 15k rounds through it.

When I replaced the striker spring, the new OEM spring was a quarter inch longer than the old one and provided noticeably more force necessary to pull the striker back, restoring trigger-pull weight to factory specifications.

Spring update fixed the problem!”


Deteriorating striker springs, and recoil springs, are probably inherent at all striker-fired pistols, including Glock, SIG 320, SA/XD, S&W M&P/Shield, FNS, Walther PPQ/PPSM2, Ruger AA, H&K VP9, et al

1) Re-spring your service pistol at least every 5k rounds. Stick with OEM parts!

2) Do not install a weak striker spring in order to lighten trigger-pull weight!

3) In your next lethal encounter, ammunition you are compelled to use may be only what you can find, not necessarily your favorite flavor!