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The Man Who waited…

29 Jan 16 The man who waited…. “We are approaching ultimate inversion: where government is free to do anything, while citizens may act only by permission.” Anon The family of man who froze to death in his stranded vehicle, while patiently waiting for promised help that never came, on a NY highway during a November […]

USAF Sees the Light!

27 Jan 16 The Air Force, at least, has finally seen the light! USAF Base Commanders have been authorized to implement the carrying of guns (presumptively openly or concealed) by “selected” personnel, on and off-duty. Smart airmen, naturally, already have state-issued CCW permits, when and where possible. However, government property has always been a fanatical […]

Operator Series Update

24 Jan 16 Operator Series: We’ve just completed a number of informative Operator Series video segments at the 2016 SHOT Show, and since. This is supplemental instruction/information intended for DTI students, instructors, Quip subscribers, and students of the Art Individual videos are ten minutes. New content at least twice a month. Subscribers can stream video […]

2016 SHOT Show, Last Day

22 Jan 16 2106 SHOT Show, Last Day: The 2016 SHOT Show is now officially over! 2017’s iteration will be same time, same place. Observations: Well attended! I saw a significantly bigger crowd than last year. In fact, I think the Sands Convention Center in Las Vegas may now be too small. Vendor areas were […]

2106 SHOT Show, 3rd Day

21 Jan 16 2016 SHOT show, 3rd Day: Donald Trump showed-up at the SHOT show today! We, of course, stayed far away. The closest I got was watching him on TV this evening. That is as physically close as I ever want to get to any presidential candidate! Surefire, maker of an extensive and wonderful […]

ACLDN Meeting

20 Jan 16 ACLDN (Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network) Today was our annual meeting of the ACLDN Advisory Board, of which I’m a member. Others include Manny Kapelsohn, Mas Ayoob, Jim Fleming, Ton Givens, Marty Hayes, Denny Tueller. The organization’s educational program is better than ever, and the real benefit of becoming a member is […]

SHOT Show, 1st Day

19 Jan 16 2016 SHOT Show, 1st Day: I saw Bob Hindi this morning. Bob is THE expert on duty belt gear and gear arranging, and a good friend. Bob showed me “Street Force” carriers for handcuffs, OC spray, and spare magazines. Spring-loaded to snap open, stay open, and the snap closed and stay closed, […]

2016 SHOT Show, Las Vegas, NV

18 Jan 16 2106 Shot Show, Range Day We spent our day at the Range in Boulder City, NV today. Lots of guns and other equipment on display! I got a chance to shoot most of the “Glock look-alikes” (double-column, mostly in 9mm, striker-fired, variable-grip geometry, no manual decocking lever/button, no manual safety lever/button) today, […]

Arrogance is Contagious!

14 Jan 16 Among those without conscience, arrogance is contagious! From a friend at an FOB overseas, in an area of active fighting: “We were ‘treated’ to a brief visit recently by our current ‘Secretary of Defense.’ First off, all personnel were told our chow hall would be closed during his entire visit, and no […]

“Gun Control” in Israel!

12 Jan 16 “Where there is morality, personal honor, and individual responsibility, laws are unnecessary; where there is none, laws are meaningless and unenforceable.” Anon “Gun Control” is an admitted and abject failure in Israel, just as it fails here, in Europe, the UK, Australia, and everywhere else it has been tried! It “fails” in […]

Comments on Last Quip

10 Jan 16 “Do people who are always demanding that there be more ‘training’ for police ever say that hoodlums with whom police have to deal should have had more training by their parents, instead of being allowed to grow wild, like weeds?” Thomas Sowell Comments from a friend and colleague: “I think that this […]

Cops in Danger!

10 Jan 16 “When we expect cops to stop your bleeding, start hearts, change tires, calm the irrational, comfort the heartbroken, control schizophrenics (when doctors can’t), straighten-out unruly students (when five teachers can’t), routinely make perfect life-and-death decisions in split seconds, recite verbatim city, state, and federal case-law and remember intricacies of 2k ‘general orders,’ […]

Mental Health?

7 Jan 16 “Our 2nd Amendment is about is more than just guns. It is about casting off those who would enslave us. It is about daily breathing the blessed air of freedom, with all it’s disappointments and responsibilities. It is about individual accountability and personal independence.” Ranchhod Mental health? Under BHO’s new plan intended […]


6 Jan 16 “Newspapers don’t print the truth. They print what people say” Frank Galvin (played by Paul Newman) from the 1982 feature film, “The Verdict” Why can’t gun manufacturers make guns that don’t “misfire?” Yesterday, in Colorado Springs, CO, a man who said he was “cleaning his gun” (type, brand not reported) had an […]

BHO’s speech

5 Jan 16 “I’ve come to realize what a good test one’s attitude towards guns is about whether someone’s mind is liberty-oriented. If one is okay with police having guns, or whoever is designated as having ‘authority,’ but panicked at the thought of their fellow man or themselves having guns, then that is someone who […]

National Readiness, Impossible without Personal Readiness!

3 Jan 16 “Who will not admit he is wrong, cannot repent of his mistake. Who cannot repent of his mistakes, cannot learn from them. Who cannot learn from their mistakes, are doomed to repeat them!” Anon “Given that some attacks have been stopped by gun-carrying civilians, Israeli Public Security Minister, Gilad Erdan, in October […]


2 Jan 16 Trends! After talking with several large gun-retailers and ammunition manufacturers last week, I see pistol caliber trends continuing to favor the 9×19. At the SHOT Show, now only a week and a half away, I’ll confirm. The fastest-selling handguns right now are the: G19 XD/M 9mm, Compact S&W Shield, 9mm, Compact SIG […]