10 Jan 16

“Do people who are always demanding that there be more ‘training’ for police ever say that hoodlums with whom police have to deal should have had more training by their parents, instead of being allowed to grow wild, like weeds?”

Thomas Sowell

Comments from a friend and colleague:

“I think that this civilization has lost sight of the fact that we desperately need true Warriors, who will use force, including deadly force, when required for the survival and well-being of the rest of us. ‘Rough men,’ who bravely stand their posts in the night, so our children, and many among the deliberately naive, can go about their day oblivious to dangers and evil surrounding them.

It is utterly necessary, yet much of our population has grown up foolishly believing that just by “… giving peace a chance,” we will suddenly reach critical mass for everyone to simultaneously achieve enlightenment and stand around a bonfire, holding hands, and singing “…Kumbaya.”

Not on this planet!

I realized years ago that my mission was to ‘break things and kill people,’ and, as chief engineer on a missile submarine, my job was to be able and ready to murder millions of people, on command, without hesitation, as a solemn threat and promise directed at inflated potentates, that when they attack my Country, neither they, nor their civilization, can expect any chance of living through it!

In order to do that job, you have to have people who are highly intelligent, even brilliant, utterly reliable, and utterly ethical. Never try to con them, and don’t con yourself. You know and understand what will happen when you follow orders, and you must agree with the concept of orders, and hope they are never given.

Once you accept that, you realize you are not a ‘good person,’ at least as liberals define the term. You are simply one of countless men and women who ‘… stand ready in the night,’ so the naive can live in safety as they self-righteously wring their hands and piously denigrate both you and your mission.

And now, we see the results of the self-declared ‘morally superior’ (liberals) taking over the asylum! As you point out, ‘rough people,’ who used to stand ready, are moving away and protecting only themselves, since protecting the rest of society has become a reliable means of self-selection as a public scape-goat!

And so, our society has suddenly become ‘amazed’ at the increasing dangers inherent to daily life, and the want for Guardians to protect all these ‘voluntary victims.’

I believe it’s called ‘The Law of Unintended Consequences,’ eh?”

“Self-righteousness is the signal flag of hypocrisy.”

Edwin Chapin