19 Jan 16

2016 SHOT Show, 1st Day:

I saw Bob Hindi this morning. Bob is THE expert on duty belt gear and gear arranging, and a good friend. Bob showed me “Street Force” carriers for handcuffs, OC spray, and spare magazines. Spring-loaded to snap open, stay open, and the snap closed and stay closed, these carriers allow quick access and a quick and positive put-away. Recommended!

I looked as several flashlights from Four Severns, O-Light, DI Optical, and Poweretac. All had very small flashlights (less than a inch around and two inches long) that put-out 500-600 lumens. Powertac’s E9 puts out 1k lunens! There is no reason to put-up with a wimpy flashlight! 500 lumens minimum. A 500 lumen light is a non-lethal weapon, and we need to think of it as such! Not everyone is prepared to carry a gun, but everyone can, and should, carry a flashlight. When they’re this compact, there is no reason not to!

Friends at Cor-Bon showed me two new products: “Urban Response” pistol ammunition. Similar to Powerball, but designed for slightly less penetration, but explosive expansion. “MPR” (Multi-Purpose Rifle) ammunition in 5.56×45, 308, 300Blk, and several other calibers feature a match bullet that expands upon penetration. A hunting/tactical bullet that you can win a match with!

I handled Kimber’s new K6S six-shot snubby revolver in 38Spl/357Mg. It features a fully-contained hammer-arc. Trigger is smooth and even. As snubby revolvers go, this is a wonderful one!

Yesterday, I mentioned single-column concealment autoloaders in 9mm. I should have included Kimber’s Solo and the Beretta Nano. We have a copy of the Solo, and is an excellent carry pistol.

Peltor’s “Tact 100″ earmuffs are the way to go! Compact, with no feedback and easy-to-change batteries. Best active earmuffs out there right now.

DSM, makers of “Police” banners that can be deployed immediately to identify the wearer as an LEO, now makes rifle-sling sleeves that accomplish the same purpose. Something else every PD should have!

While Beretta does not yet have copies of its APX Pistol on display, I did get a chance to handle and shoot (yesterday) their AXR gas-piston Tactical Rifle. One-piece, plastic stock. Excellent collapsible/adjustable buttstock. Takes AR magazines.

ACLDN Annual meeting is tomorrow.

More to come!