14 Jan 16

Among those without conscience, arrogance is contagious!

From a friend at an FOB overseas, in an area of active fighting:

“We were ‘treated’ to a brief visit recently by our current ‘Secretary of Defense.’

First off, all personnel were told our chow hall would be closed during his entire visit, and no alternate meals would be served. We were required to stop feeding everyone, so this pompous prima-donna could eat by himself, and not have to rub elbows with us mere mortals!

Apache pilots assigned to base overwatch during his visit were ordered to stay at least five miles away, so the Secretary ‘would not be disturbed by aircraft noise.’ Of course, they couldn’t do their job. No one seemed to care!

Really? A military airfield in a combat zone, with no noise and no activity!

And, the biggest slap in the face:

All military personnel and contractors were told to remove magazines from all weapons, all the time he was here. This paranoid twerp is more afraid of us than he is of the Islamics! His own bodyguard staff were exempted from this ‘rule,’ of course. His safety is important. Ours apparently isn’t!

We’re in a rough, dangerous place here! Our base could be attacked and overrun at any time. Yet, that was, and still is, all ‘subject non-grata.’

A true leader of men, would insist we gallantly carry the tools of our trade, without fear of any of us. Indeed, he would be delighted and proud to stand and serve with us, shoulder-to-shoulder, maybe even pick up a weapon himself. Not this grandiloquent, wingtip-wearing perfumed prince!

Believe me, this open and grotesque display of contempt and disrespect for soldiers and contractors, who daily risk our lives in this FOB, supporting US foreign policy, did not go unnoticed!.

When our own Secretary of Defense regards us with such condescending contempt here, it is no wonder liberals don’t trust, and have scant affection for, active-duty personnel and veterans back in CONUS.”

My comment:

When liberals get into power, they seem to think the rest of us peons exist solely to serve them! They typically abuse and mistreat security staff and others assigned to them, contemptuously regarding them the same way they regard the rest of us, as unwashed, expendable cannon-fodder!

While pompously insisting upon themselves being perfectly protected, and unfailingly treated like royalty, discomfort, danger, and inconvenience to which they so casually expose everyone else in the process is never of the slightest concern.

This is why it is critically important for us to sweep these dishonorable hypocrites out of office this fall!

“The father of all error is the ecumenical character-flaw of vanity. It is therefore incumbent upon every man of honor, who values his own dignity, to repent of error the moment it is discovered, fearing no censure so much at that of his own conscience.”

Samuel Johnson