20 Jan 16

ACLDN (Armed Citizensā€™ Legal Defense Network)

Today was our annual meeting of the ACLDN Advisory Board, of which Iā€™m a member. Others include Manny Kapelsohn, Mas Ayoob, Jim Fleming, Ton Givens, Marty Hayes, Denny Tueller.

The organizationā€™s educational program is better than ever, and the real benefit of becoming a member is the sage information you received with regard to looking after your best interests before, and after, becoming involved in a lethal-force incident.

One reason so few of our members (only three to date) have needed the backing of the Network is that our members are so well educated in all the nuances associated with the use of lethal force in America.

Of all the organizations claiming to address this issue, ACLDN represents the best deal, by far.

All gun-owners need to be members!