21 Jan 16

2016 SHOT show, 3rd Day:

Donald Trump showed-up at the SHOT show today! We, of course, stayed far away. The closest I got was watching him on TV this evening. That is as physically close as I ever want to get to any presidential candidate!

Surefire, maker of an extensive and wonderful line of tactical flashlights, introduced the P2X “Intellbeam.” It’s a 600-lumen tactical flashlight that automatically dims to 15 lumens (for reading) when the lens is only a few centimeters away from an object, like a sheet of paper. This represents an enormous convenience!

Speaking of flashlights, friends at Four Sevens showed me a very small keychain light that is Bluetooth connected! When you lose your keys, you can go to Google Earth, and it will show you where on Earth your light and keys are!

Jeremy Ross, president of Firstlight, showed me his military version of the Tomahawk Flashlight which is very handy for maneuvering in tight places, like the interior of a tank. He sells many to the Army. I carry my copy of the Firstlight T-Max LE daily. Recommended!

Daniel Defense makes an excellent line of ARs, all on the original Stoner System (no gas-piston rifles). Their proprietary telescoping stock is curved in at the bottom. Many of my female students like this design, describing at “breast-friendly.” Other rifle-makers need to take note!

I have not liked most ARs in 308 caliber, but DD’s DD5V1 that I handled today is a very handy and useable rifle. This is one I like, at least from a handling standpoint.

Alex Robinson, designer and manufacturer of the wonderful XCR Rifle that I own and use regularly, tells me his overseas business has taken a downturn due to the depression of the price of oil, strengthening the US dollar. The effect is that his products are now more expensive to foreign buyers. Fortunately, the XCR is also popular domestically.

John Klein, president of Sage, showed me his new chassis for, of all rifles, an SKS! This converts the SKS to a modern rifle, complete with pistol-grip, folding stock, and rails for mounting an RDS and co-axial flashlight.

Friends at Blue Force Gear showed me their new “U-Loop.” It is a small, deployable wire loop that I can use to make a solid sling swivel appear nearly anywhere on a rifle! Amazingly handy. I got a dozen of them!

Brian Hoffner had on display his new “creed” tactical folding knife. It uses ball-bearings to make opening it amazingly smooth and effortless. Also of great interest is his small tomahawk that also functions as a wrench for opening fire hydrants and oxygen tanks. Pretty handy. I’m getting a copy!

In my DTI Trauma Kit, I include, of course, a tourniquet. I currently use the Soft-T, which is excellent. However, today I got a chance to use the new “Thor” tourniquet. It is amazingly fast, particularly when putting on yourself. I really like it! See it at thortq.com

Tomorrow is the last day!