2 Jan 16


After talking with several large gun-retailers and ammunition manufacturers last week, I see pistol caliber trends continuing to favor the 9×19. At the SHOT Show, now only a week and a half away, I’ll confirm.

The fastest-selling handguns right now are the:

XD/M 9mm, Compact
S&W Shield, 9mm, Compact
SIG 320, 9mm, Compact
H&K VP9, 9mm

Other 9mm, polymer-framed, striker-fired, pistols that may be coming on are the Walther PPQ, FNS, Beretta APX, Ruger All-American. The latter two are just emerging, and I’m looking forward to seeing them at the SHOT show.

American consumers are today looking for compact, double-column, 9mm, striker-fired, polymer-framed pistols that feature variable grip geometry, and are designed for, and eminently suitable for, concealed carry.

Single-column pistols on the same pattern, specifically the Kahr PM9, G43, and S&W Shield, are also selling well. Popular with women, whose concealed-carry challenges are more complicated that are men’s.

Americans, both men and women, are determined to carry concealed, and do it with reasonable comfort!

Retailers tell me that they’re no longer taking-in 40S&W Caliber pistols, even in trade. They can’t sell them! Nor can they sell pistols in 357SIG and 45GAP caliber. Demand for those calibers is currently zero!

Ammunition manufacturers are selling high-performance 9mm as fast as they can make it. Next is 380Auto, followed by 45ACP. 40S&W is now way down the list. Even further down is 357SIG. 45GAP is no longer even on the list!

Much is driven by politics, both domestic and international.

BHO, with his frequent requiem anti-gun rhetoric, continues to be the greatest gun-salesman of all time, eclipsing even WJC!

In addition, Islamic terrorist attacks continue to frighten Americans and subsequently drive them to gun-retailers. Even professing liberals, the same ones who hypocritically decry honest wealth while hiding their own, brutishly campaign for gun prohibition, while quietly arming themselves!

2016 will not lack for excitement!

“We don’t teach people to shoot (people). We teach people how to competently use lethal force to solve problems which cannot be solved otherwise”