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Guns are Dangerous! Imagine that!

28 May 15 “Friends” Like These: I’ve been, and continue to be, involved as an expert assistant in a number of product-liability lawsuits, many involving Glock pistols. During the course of such litigation, I’ve been treated (so long as my gag-reflex holds out) to sham arguments by sleazy plaintiff’s attorneys. They typically say, “If only […]

XCR in 300Blk

26 Mar 15 Robinson Armament, XCR-L I’m currently using, and traveling with, a copy of the RA/XCR-L rifle in 300Blk. I have several other XCRs, in 5.56mm, 308, 30/Soviet, and 6.8Spc. The XCR is a gas-adjustable, gas-piston, military rifle, and all my copies run superbly, or I wouldn’t own them! All feature a folding stock […]

Memorial Day

25 May 15 On this Memorial Day, what better topic? Magazine restrictions, signed into law by our leftist CO governor (Democrat, of course) who dishonorably caved-in to pressure from the BHO Administration, are currently unenforced! Yesterday, I visited a local gun retailer and purchased several 30-round MagPul AR magazines that were on unrestricted display on […]


23 May 15 A note about military rifles chambered for 30-06: Several colleagues have reminded me that M1 Garands run best with white-box, military-equivalent ammunition. Conversely, much of modern, hunting ammunition in 30-06 caliber generates pressures curves aggressive enough to actually bend the Garand’s op-rod, quickly rendering the rifle inoperable. The Garand was never designed […]

Additional on Ammunition

22 May 15 Additional on Ammunition, from friends and colleagues around the Country: “In our Long-Range Rifle Courses, we are now seeing many rifles chambered for 30-06. There seems to be plenty of that caliber available, relatively cheap! Many 1903 Springfield bolt-guns, as well as Garands. Deadly, and amazingly destructive well past 500m. Screw with […]

Dip in the Graph!

21 May 15 Ammunition Trends: In talking with friends in the domestic ammunition manufacturing business today, I learned: Overall demand is slow right now, at least among first-tier manufacturers. Much has been stockpiled over the past decade, both in the public and private sectors. Many garages and basements are filled to the rafters! In any […]


14 May 15 43 murdered in a single event in Pakistan on Wednesday: “Who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.” Voltaire In a terrible massacre scarcely even mentioned in the Western press, 43 members of a religious minority (a small and obscure Shi’ite sect, called the Ismailis) were shot to death […]

It started with LBJ!

13 May 15 “It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere.” Voltaire Black Americans who show-up for work every day, are self-sustaining and contributing, who take good care of their families, and who despise government “assistance” are considered “runaway slaves” by leftist politicians. Conversely, ones who dutifully remain in rotting, inner-city ghettos, […]


12 May 15 Same Old Line! Yesterday, I watched a televised debate (as long as my gag-reflex could hold-out) on the subject of American citizens, once again, voluntarily arming themselves in response to current terrorist threats, and those same Americans applying for, and being issued in record numbers, CCW permits for the same reason. The […]


11 May 15 Advice to Police and Police Departments: With the officer safety situation deteriorating as fast as it is:, stop obsessing about “transparency.” 1 Dump individual email addresses on your web page. 2 Dump names and photos of smiling officers. 3 Dump descriptions of, and data on, divisions/precincts 4 Dump personnel biographies 5 Dump […]

Lenin Lives!

6 May 15 To leftists, facts never matter. Neither does decency nor righteousness. What does matter is the seizure of power and forced advancement of leftist ideology upon an unwilling citizenship. Baltimore’s “mayor” today indicted her entire police dept, putting them all on notice that she was bringing in the Feds to see which of […]


5 May 15 When will we ever “get it?” A friend attending a police equipment trade show on the east coast reports: “… before entering the building you had to pass large signs that proclaimed: ‘No live ammunition past this point’ Most everyone dutifully obeyed the signs, apparently without question, including police officers in uniform! […]

A Tale of Two States!

4 May 15 This is TX, not France! After yesterday’s shooting near Dallas, ISIS immodestly tweeted: “They thought they were safe in Texas from Soldiers of The Islamic State.” As it turned out, their overconfident boasting was premature. They obviously thought this attack would be successful, and many innocents would be slaughtered, as usual. They […]

On Our Own?

3 May 15 Unlimited Powers? Not having the benefit of a law-school education, I’m not sure I know whether or not elected officials, like mayors, have the power to order police to violate their oath. Can police be ordered to remain uninvolved as they watch violent felonies committed in front of them? Can a mayor […]


1 May 15 Who Needs Guns? It has recently come to light that, on at least three separate instances this year alone, members of various political security details have accidentally left their pistols in public bathrooms of the Capitol Visitors’ Center, Capitol Police Headquarters, and other government buildings in DC. All three pistols were inadvertently […]