21 May 15

Ammunition Trends:

In talking with friends in the domestic ammunition manufacturing business today, I learned:

Overall demand is slow right now, at least among first-tier manufacturers. Much has been stockpiled over the past decade, both in the public and private sectors. Many garages and basements are filled to the rafters!

In any event, here is what I’ve been told:

In rifle calibers, everything is slow except for 300Blk! Demand for 300Blk (mostly supersonic) is still very high, despite the fact that demand for other popular calibers, 223 (5.56×45), 308 (7.62×51), and 30/Soviet (7.62×39) is down, across the board.

6.8mm Spc, once popular, is also slow. There is still a demand, but nowhere near that for 300Blk.

In pistol calibers, demand for 9mm high-performance is still strong, strongest of all pistol calibers, by far. 380Auto is a close second! Demand for 40S&W is much weaker, and demand for 357SIG is also relatively weak, and progressively growing weaker. 45ACP is also weak. 45GAP is, for all practical purposes, dead!

I suspect the foregoing just represents just a dip in the graph. With instability rampant both domestically and internationally, nervousness on the part of American consumers will instantly translate to high demand for guns and ammunition with the next load of bad news. Given our weak, bumbling national “leadership,” we probably don’t have long to wait!

What makes most sense for a serious defensive pistol for the foreseeable future, is 9mm, based on ammunition availability alone.

We are all best advised to look squarely at the facts and make plans accordingly, as best we can!

“ When life gives you lemons, make lemonade… and then find somebody whose life has given them vodka…

and have a party!”

Ron White