14 May 15

43 murdered in a single event in Pakistan on Wednesday:

“Who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.”


In a terrible massacre scarcely even mentioned in the Western press, 43 members of a religious minority (a small and obscure Shi’ite sect, called the Ismailis) were shot to death as they sat in a commuter bus in Karachi. Unknown number wounded.

Six murderers on motorcycles, from a Sunni/Taliban group who call themselves the “Jundullah,” overtook and then commandeered the commuter bus carrying people to work. They then calmly and systemically gunned down everyone on board, all unarmed of course, regardless of gender and age. No details with regard to what kinds of weapons were used.

No arrests have been made, nor are any likely.

A Jundullah spokesman openly took credit for the attack and added:

“These (murdered) people were Ismaili, and we consider them kafir. In the coming days, we will attack Ismailis, Shi’ites, and Christians.” Jews were not mentioned specifically, but it is a safe bet they fall into the same category.

“Kafir” is a term commonly used to disdainfully refer to “the unconverted.” An English translation would be “barbarian” or “pagan.”

Leaflets left on the bus in the aftermath, printed in English in order to (unsuccessfully as it turns out) garner the attention of the Western media, blamed Shi’ites for most of the ills to which flesh is heir.

One reason this massacre scarcely registered on the Western news radar is that such wanton atrocities happen so often in that part of the world.

And, this kind of terrorism is easily exportable, to anywhere!

Your only real protection from such things is being well trained and routinely going armed, which police and other civilians can still do in most parts of this Country. Members of our “unarmed services,” of course, cannot. In Pakistan, legally going armed is nearly impossible, unless you are politically connected at a high level.

We see the result!

Yet, most governments and politicians (here and there) don’t really care. In addition, they are scared of the prospect of armed citizens. So long as such things are not happening to them personally, it is all just conversation.

We truly are “on our own!”

Overheard at a water cooler near the WH:

“Feel no stress, Soldiers of Allah. Infidel kings in the West are actually afraid to arm heir own knights. Our enemies are astounding fools! The War is over!”