26 Mar 15

Robinson Armament, XCR-L

I’m currently using, and traveling with, a copy of the RA/XCR-L rifle in 300Blk.

I have several other XCRs, in 5.56mm, 308, 30/Soviet, and 6.8Spc. The XCR is a gas-adjustable, gas-piston, military rifle, and all my copies run superbly, or I wouldn’t own them! All feature a folding stock that is also length-adjustable, so they are well-suited to travel, particularly by commercial air!

My new XCR-L can be quickly converted from 300Blk to 5.56×45 (223 Rem), via simply changing the barrel. The process does not require a gunsmith. Even I can do it in less than a minute!

My copy is equipped with a forward-mounted Aimpoint H1, as the XCR has a full-length rail on top. Co-witnessed BUIS, a BFG two-point sling, and a co-axial 900 lumen Powertac Flashlight mounted forward on the left side.

The forward sling-mount I moved to the right side, as I want the area directly in front of the left-side bolt handle unobstructed, for obvious reasons.

My only modification was to remove the “ambidextrous” manual safety lever on the right side of the lower receiver. Being right-handed, it just gets in my way. Fortunately, it is designed to be easily removable.

The rifle’s forend features “keymod” mounting/vent points on the sides and bottom. Keymod was invented by MagPul, but has since become universal on military rifles, because is makes a slim and convenient forend, and one can still securely mount accessories (on short sections of rail) without having to dissemble the rifle.

The bolt-handle (left side) is non-reciprocating, per modern military requirements. However, it still functions as a bolt forward-assist. You push it in, then forward. Pretty clever!

The XCR field-strips quickly, with no small parts. It cannot be reassembled incorrectly.

Gas-adjustability means the XCR can be set to run dependably with both sub-sonic and supersonic ammunition. I personally have little interest in sub-sonic. But, when that is all I can get, I still have a rifle that will run it, even without a suppressor can!

Like the Kalashnikov, the XCR has a spike-ejector, so ejected cases are flung well away from your position. By contrast, the Stoner-style plunger-ejector does not fling ejected cases nearly as far.

My XCR-L (stock folded), along with several extra magazines, fits conveniently in Blackhawk’s wonderful “Skateboard Case.” Perfect for low-profile transport. The Skateboard Case is a little too short for most M4s, but it is just right for the XCR-L. Nice combination! See it at:

In 300Blk, the XCR-L in light, compact, slick, slim, reliable, durable, and fast. Yet, it is a legitimate 250m rifle with excellent penetration. It makes an ideal patrol rifle, particularly in rural areas where range and penetration are needed. It is also a comforting travel companion for the modern American Operator, as noted above.


I’ve long admired Alex Robinson, whom I rank with Stoner, Garand, and Kalashnikov. He had the vision and guts to design and manufacture a modern military rifle in America. His XCR Rifle, and his company and manufacturing methods that produce it, are a current American success story, and he deserves much credit.

I am honored that he counts me among his friends!

Go to http://xcr.robarm.com/