Monthly Archives: November 2013

Carrying concealed in public

29 Nov 13 Comments from a colleague un PA: “There is a false pretense of ‘safety,’ vainly imagined by business/government entities, in justifying the restriction of gun-carrying by those of us needing to enter buildings or areas in the normal conduct of our daily business. These irrational gun-phobes can’t possibly justify the position that they […]

Hypocrisy, the new byword

27 Nov 13 From a friend a lawyer in NJ: “With regard to the murder of the nurse in TX yesterday, little doubt hospital administrators were advised by legal counsel that it is far cheaper to pay a workman-comp claim for a murdered nurse, than risk an expensive civil suit, even a frivolous one, filed […]

NYPD “Letter of Confiscation”

27 Nov 13 NYPD has begun sending “letters of confiscation” to erstwhile law-abiding NYC gun-owners, stating that their gun, which is capable of holding more than five rounds, will be forcibly confiscated by the PD unless the owner arranges to sell it or get it out of the City. Even then, the (former) owner must […]

On your own!

15 Nov 13 The news today is that the TSA officer who was wounded, and ultimately died, during the LAX shooting incident of 31 Oct 13, probably bled to death, and probably could have been saved, had competent aid gotten to him in a timely manner. Nearly all of the victims at the Columbine school […]

Plight of gun-owners in New York

13 Nov 13 A conservative Republican, currently serving in Albany (one of the few), spoke with a liberal New York City Democrat last week and asked, “Why are you guys coming up with these crazy gun laws? You’re driving out Upstate New Yorkers. They’re moving to other states in droves!” The Democrat calmly replied: “Yes, […]

Philippine Typhoon

13 Nov 13 Writing for a dreary, leftist news-blog, an unnamed author, in describing extensive damage, yesterday cited “the prevalence of guns” and the contention that the Phillippines is a “gun-happy independent nation” as the real impediment in getting aid to storm victims. Rubbish! The liberal press rarely misses an opportunity to vent their vile […]

My undiplomatic comments on the recent NJ mall incident

8 Nov 13 Currently, risk-avoidance (at least in the public sector) always favors doing nothing! Doing nothing is invariably safer and easier to “justify” than doing something, particularly “something” that subsequently goes in the toilet. Our fault. Their fault. Nobody’s fault. It doesn’t matter, and no one cares! And, in a case like a mall-shooting, […]

NJ mall-shooting incident of 4 Nov 13 (Monday)

5 Nov 13 Details from a LEO friend who was there: “Single suspect, DRT from self-inflicted GSW. No other gunshot injuries. All shots (save one) fired by the suspect himself, in mostly random directions. Only other gunfire was a single ND, from a shotgun carried by a responding LEO. No injuries from that discharge. Lots […]

DPX in action

3 Nov 13 Last week, I used my RMR-equipped S&W M&P (work expertly done by my friends at ROBAR) to shoot a pig. We were hunting at a private preserve, and the pig in question (125 lbs) had already been hit side-to-side by a 12-ga slug launched by my hunting partner. However, the dauntless pig […]

LAX Incident of 31 Oct 13

3 Nov 13 Last week’s shooting incident at LAX blatantly illustrates (once more): 1) “Gun-free” zones are merely imaginary, symbolic barriers. The suspect in this case was not deterred in the least. He was eventually stopped, but only by the liberal application of lethal force (gunfire), not by wishful thinking on the part of naive […]