13 Nov 13

A conservative Republican, currently serving in Albany (one of the few), spoke with a liberal New York City Democrat last week and asked, “Why are you guys coming up with these crazy gun laws? You’re driving out Upstate New Yorkers. They’re moving to other states in droves!”

The Democrat calmly replied: “Yes, and when we drive them all out, they won’t be able to vote against us. Will they?”

Very sad, but true!

NY, like IL, NJ, NV, and a few other states, is so regionally urbanized, that, when you don’t live in a major urban area, like NYC, you’re utterly unrepresented! No politician cares about rural citizens, because votes of those herded into urban areas can be so easily bought, or extorted.

On the bottom of page twelve of the current “NY State Police Field Guide,” it advises that:

“When a person becomes ineligible to hold a state pistol permit, the Safe Act requires that person to immediately surrender all firearms to police, including all rifles and shotguns” (for which no license, nor registration, is even required.)

Thus, once you become “ineligible,” police can ransack your home, at will, looking for “illegal guns,” which means “any gun.”

And, how many ways are their to become “ineligible” to hold a state pistol permit, even when you’ve never had one to begin with?

>When a citizen is rumored to have done “something wrong,” not even illegal, just an ill-defined “something wrong” ( in one case “something wrong” included the permit-holder supporting the wrong political candidate) he can have his pistol permit arbitrarily suspended, and all his guns (pistols and otherwise) subsequently seized by police, pending a “hearing” before a Judge. Scheduling such a “hearing” often takes many months! Basically, once police seize your guns in New York, you’ll never see them again!

>Any use of force, including a citizen righteously and lawfully using his gun to repel an armed-robbery suspect inside his own home, will immediately generate a suspension order. So, you only get to use your gun once. After that, it will be taken from you (along with all your other guns) forever!

>) Under NY’s “Safe Act,” a computerized ammunition purchase database is being established. Information contained therein can then be used to obtain search warrants for the homes of citizens buying “too much” ammunition. “Too much,” is, of course, never defined.

>Finally, NY State Police now have a “turn-in-your-neighbor” program, where people are encouraged to report unsubstantiated rumors about other people, and for their effort, claim a $500.00 reward. Better never even talk about guns, yours nor anyone else’s. Probably best to no longer talk about politics either!

>And, as with Social Security and Obamacare, none of these draconian gun laws ever apply to the very politicians who voted for them. They have conveniently excused themselves from the inconvenience of having to obey them!

With all the foregoing, NY’s current governor (Democrat, of course) still piously insists he is a “defender of the Second Amendment,” while, of course, hiding behind a virtual army of heavily-armed bodyguards.

Reminds me of Hitler, who in the 1930s, loved to talk about “… our Jewish friends!”

“They defend their errors, as if they were defending their inheritance!”

Edmund Burke