13 Nov 13

Writing for a dreary, leftist news-blog, an unnamed author, in describing extensive damage, yesterday cited “the prevalence of guns” and the contention that the Phillippines is a “gun-happy independent nation” as the real impediment in getting aid to storm victims.


The liberal press rarely misses an opportunity to vent their vile hatred of guns and independent citizens who own them. Governments, of course, are always wonderful, and the only problem is that they’re not big enough!

A friend, who actually lives in the Phillippines, has this response:

“I don’t know where this writer is getting his information. He is certainly not here, on the ground!

The facts are simple and obvious:

As early as last week, everyone knew this storm was going to hit. The fact that it was going to be one of the most violent tempests ever wrought by mother nature was common knowledge. As with Katrina in 2005, none of this was a ‘secret.’ Government officials who now claim they were ‘surprised’ are liars!

Lack of preparation is a direct result of incompetent/inept/corrupt government officials, not gun-owning citizens!

Aid is delayed, because there was/is no plan for distribution. They are currently scrambling like headless chickens, and the political appointee they sent to take point is obviously unqualified and in way over his head.

Survivors, looking for food for themselves and their children, can clearly see dithering government bureaucrats not lacking for anything. It doesn’t inspire confidence!

US Marines, and other international groups, are already on-site to help, but, even now, there is no clear direction from Philippine authorities.

Privately-owned guns are not causing any kind of problem here. Gun-owning Filipinos are not, in any way, impeding aid distribution!. It is our incompetent president, and his equally incompetent heir-apparent, that remain the biggest obstacles to resolving this crisis.”

Comment: There, as here, leftist politicians constantly blame everyone, and everything, but themselves, for the harm they routinely inflict upon us all.

Guns, and gun-owning citizens, are perpetual and convenient whipping-boys for the power-mad. They rarely pass-up the opportunity to use the misery of others to consolidate their personal ability to lord it over others.

We, the dwindling independent and freedom-loving minority, remain their unremitting enemy, there and here!