27 Nov 13

NYPD has begun sending “letters of confiscation” to erstwhile law-abiding
NYC gun-owners, stating that their gun, which is capable of holding more
than five rounds, will be forcibly confiscated by the PD unless the owner
arranges to sell it or get it out of the City. Even then, the (former) owner
must tell the PD where it is!

This is all pursuant to NY’s contemptuously unconstitutional “Safe Act,”
hurriedly passed (in the middle of the night) by NY’s liberal, Democratic
governor. It theoretically applies to the whole State, but active
confiscations are starting with NYC.

I have a number of Democrat, liberal friends who regularly assure me that I
‘m “misguided” and even “crazy” to believe an imperative of the
Democratic Party (and even some professing “Republicans”) is the forcible
elimination of all privately-owned guns in America, by whatever means necessary,
constitutional or unconstitutional.

“They’ll never come to take you guns,” I’ve been repeatedly told, ad

Well, tell that to gun-owners in NYC!

It is happening, in the USA, today!

I reply to them (my liberal friends), “when BHO says, ‘… and if you like
your guns, you an keep them,’ will even you believe him?”

“Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts.”

DP Moynihan