3 Nov 13

Last week’s shooting incident at LAX blatantly illustrates (once more):

1) “Gun-free” zones are merely imaginary, symbolic barriers. The suspect in this case was not deterred in the least. He was eventually stopped, but only by the liberal application of lethal force (gunfire), not by wishful thinking on the part of naive liberals, nor by “gun-free-zone” signs on glass doors!

2) The “start-to-harm” time was so short in this case that awareness, decisiveness, and a plan for immediate and dynamic exit will likely represent your only viable options.

3) We Sovereign Citizens are increasingly being involuntarily herded into “enforced helplessness.” We are progressively unable to remain legally armed, and therefore we are more and more unable to effectively protect ourselves. Put another way, we are contemptuously regarded as “disposable” by self-righteous socialists.

4) It is painfully obvious how much protection “gun-free-zone” signs provide. Terrorists and lunatics are really impressed, as we see!