27 Nov 13

From a friend a lawyer in NJ:

“With regard to the murder of the nurse in TX yesterday, little doubt
hospital administrators were advised by legal counsel that it is far cheaper to
pay a workman-comp claim for a murdered nurse, than risk an expensive civil
suit, even a frivolous one, filed by a deceased criminal’s family. I’m
sure they were told, with a straight face, ‘… we can always hire more

It’s simple matter of economics! In today’s America, you are dollars
ahead watching employees maimed and murdered than ostensibly allowing them any
capacity to protect themselves. The decision is all the simpler among
hypocritical ‘managers’ and politicians who regard personal careers as far more
important than human life. People, and even lives, have become just
another ‘commodity,’ like beans! Actions belie their hollow rhetoric.
Cynical promises of ‘safety’ and ‘concern’ are no better than yesterday’s
rotting fish!

As if to illustrate the point:

Our departing NYPD police commissioner has demanded perpetual police
protection, 24/7/365, all at taxpayer expense, of course. This is in addition
to his otherwise generous severance package.

And, our billionaire mayor has also wasted no time negotiating his own fat
severance deal. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence, but his entire
twelve-man NYPD security team put-in retirement notices, effective the last day of
the mayor’s term. Now all, in addition to a triple-figure salary, will
enjoy the usual generous pension payout, based on last year of service,
inflated by much overtime. And, the mayor will continue to enjoy world-class,
and heavily-armed, protection for the rest of his life.

The moral of the story is simple:

(1) There is apparently no limit to the generosity of politicians, when it
comes to themselves!

(2) There is also no apparent limit to their concern for their own safety,
which must be lavishly protected, ad infinitum, at the expense of
beleaguered tax-payers, who may provide no protection for themselves

(3) Cops who keep their mouths shut, and are willing to spend suitable time
on their knees, get to double-dip.

(4) Other NYC citizens have to scrap in order to get by. Lives of
politicians are apparently precious. The rest of us are obviously ‘disposable.'”


I can’t put it better than Sinclair:”

“… an organization of fools, conducted by knaves, for the benefit of

Modern America, in both public and private sectors!