3 Nov 13

Last week, I used my RMR-equipped S&W M&P (work expertly done by my friends at ROBAR) to shoot a pig.

We were hunting at a private preserve, and the pig in question (125 lbs) had already been hit side-to-side by a 12-ga slug launched by my hunting partner. However, the dauntless pig stayed on his feet and continued to run.

When we caught up with him, I drew my M&P and shot him twice, broadside (Cor-Bon DPX 40S&W, 140gr). Both DPX bullets were recovered just under the skin on the opposite side, perfectly expanded, having penetrated twelve inches of flesh.

The pig’s legs buckled, and he went down, assisted by a second 12-ga slug from my partner’s shotgun!

I’ve fired many pistol and rifle rounds, by all major manufacturers, into blocks of gelatin. To be honest, most perform pretty well. Poor penetration and/or poor expansion are, these days, pretty unusual with what we call “high-performance” ammunition.

However, this pig represented the first living tissue into which I’ve fired DPX rounds. DPX performed as advertised. As serious ammunition, it is “high-performance” indeed!

The RMR sight is very fast! After carrying it for several months now, I’m really getting accustomed to it. It is easy to stay in your sights and move with the target. Nothing to align!