Monthly Archives: February 2013

Important and Non-important!

27 Feb 13 In light of our vice-president’s (if you can call him that) recent “advice” to frightened citizens, women in particular, I checked with friends with the Secret Service. They confirmed that they have not a single double-barrel shotgun in their entire inventory, but they do have lots of “hard-to-use,” and “difficult-to-aim” M4s. Imagine […]

NRA vote

26 Feb 13 As a voting NRA member of many years, I’m supporting Steve Schreiner for NRA Board Member, once again. Steve’s personal integrity, honesty, and devotion to the preservation of our Second Amendment Rights has been demonstrated countless times. There are many other good people running, but Steve tops the List! /John


25 Feb 13 “When the rain comes, they run and hide their heads. They might as well be dead” Lyrics from “Rain,” written and sung by the Beatles in 1966 I was on the phone today with a long-time friend and colleague who happens to be an elected sheriff in a rural county and boldly […]

Language and Civilization

22 Feb 13 These excellent comments from a friend and academician: “Language serves us, not only by providing an ability to clearly and efficiently communicate, one person to another. It also provides us with an ecumenical ‘vocabulary of concepts.’ For us to integrate bits of raw information and, from that, form concepts and principles, our […]

Sloppy Language

21 Feb 13 In my Instructor Courses, I caution students against using sloppy, non-specific language when lecturing students. Such sloppiness is corrosive to the instructor’s credibility and degrades the value of instruction. An example is the over-use of “Madison Avenue-isms.” Commonly heard in modern advertising, but properly absent from genuine instruction, a “Madison Avenue-ism” is […]


19 Feb 13 At a recent Course, one of my students had an ND in his hotel room. It was a single shot from a pistol that hit the floor (ground-floor room). No personal injury and only slight property damage, which my student graciously took care of promptly. The bullet (9mm hardball) demolished itself on […]

Heroes in Action

15 Feb 13 Classic American entrepreneurs, and my friends, Ronnie Barrett and Mark LaRue, both deserve our grateful recognition for taking a courageous stand that will be unpopular with socialist politicians, including mayors, governors, and presidents alike Both have publically declared that they will not sell guns, nor accouterments, to any government agency, nor any […]

Guide to Governance, Good and Bad

14 Feb 13 Benevolent governments enact laws prohibiting “harmful behaviors” on the part of individuals. Enlightened officials, elected and appointed, as a matter of personal honor, chivalrously subject themselves to the same laws they demand everyone else obey. Tyrannical governments enact laws prohibiting “things” that frighten them, like guns. Tyrannical officials, elected and appointed, with […]

Situation Update

11 Feb 13 Situation Update, from a large retailer in the Midwest: “No one in our industry ever thought anything like this current feeding-frenzy was even possible! I’ve watched our entire inventory sell-out over the past few weeks, and our pace of resupply doesn’t come close to keeping up! First, it was all our Stoner-System […]

IBD Story, from a friend and instructor in UT

8 Feb 13 IBD Story, from a friend and instructor in UT: “I work at a residential treatment center.  Many of our admits struggle with suicidal ideation and self-harm impulses, like cutting.  Our job is to help keep them safe while they participate in a lengthy, therapeutic and academic treatment program.  And, since I completed […]

Sign of the times

6 Feb 13 Most big, metro police departments currently do not respond to electronic burglar-alarms on unoccupied property, particularly during high-activity periods like holiday weekends. The PD will eventually send an unsworn “community-service” officer to take a report, but will not dispatch a beat-car to the location when the alarm comes in. Now, cash-strapped Chicago […]

Getting worse!

5 Feb 13 This from a close friend in the industry: “I have been in the firearms/ammunition distribution business since I left my agency in 1988, and I have never seen Americans this desperate to buy anything and everything associated with weapons and effective fighting. The current situation is unprecedented! Not only guns and ammunition, […]

Gas-Adjustable, Military Rifles

1 Feb 13 At an Urban Rifle Course in South Florida earlier this week. I ran my XCR-M in 7.62×51 (308 Win) for two days, and several of my students were using gas-adjustable rifles as well. Some gas-piston rifles, like the ever-popular M1A, are not gas-adjustable, but many others, like the FAL, SIG/556, and the […]