11 Feb 13

Situation Update, from a large retailer in the Midwest:

“No one in our industry ever thought anything like this current feeding-frenzy was even possible! I’ve watched our entire inventory sell-out over the past few weeks, and our pace of resupply doesn’t come close to keeping up!

First, it was all our Stoner-System rifles, and they sold in order of price-point, from least expensive to most expensive. Conventional gas-system rifles all went first, followed by gas-piston rifles. They’re now all long-gone!

Next went Kalishnikovs, then XCRs, SCARs, FALs, PTRs, M1As, anything that looks ‘modern-military’ and has a detachable, box magazine that holds twenty-plus rounds, all in order of price.

When those racks were empty, Ruger Mini 14s and M1 Carbines vanished, followed by semi-auto 22 rimfire rifles!

After rifles sold-out, attention moved to handguns. First went high-capacity 9mm pistols, followed by all pistols chambered for 45ACP, then single-column 9mm concealment pistols. Five-shot snubby revolvers in 38Spl are also long-gone.

We have some pistols chambered for 40S&W still in stock, along with a few pump-action shotguns.

40S&W ammunition is still in reasonable supply, along with 357SIG, but we are cleaned-out of 9mm, 45ACP, 223, 308, 12-ga slugs, and 12-ga buckshot.

Rifle magazines are all long-gone, as are double-column pistol magazines. We still have a few 1911 pistol magazines in stock.

If this frenzy ended tomorrow morning, it would still be at least two years before our inventory would have any chance of returning to ‘normal!’”

… and this from friends with the LAPD:

“All officers qualified with rifle or slug-shotgun are now carrying them, hot, by sling, everywhere, and on every call. Never seen anything like this!

Those specifically named in nut-job’s ‘manifesto,’ along with their families, are secluded and heavily armed.

And, some called you ‘extreme’ for running ‘hot’ rifle training.

Not any more!”

Comment: Americans, police and non-police alike, are expressing their universal unease by becoming armed, in any way they can.

We are also openly frustrated with an administration that accuses honest gun-owners, who have never committed any kind of crime, with or without a gun, of representing some kind of societal problem, while simultaneously doing nothing about real criminals… except soliciting their votes!