15 Feb 13

Classic American entrepreneurs, and my friends, Ronnie Barrett and Mark LaRue, both deserve our grateful recognition for taking a courageous stand that will be unpopular with socialist politicians, including mayors, governors, and presidents alike

Both have publically declared that they will not sell guns, nor accouterments, to any government agency, nor any police department, that may not also be owned by private citizens.

They are weary, as we all are, of politicians making a special class of citizens out of themselves, arrogantly declaring they personally don’t have to obey their own laws!

These are heroes in action, taking a public stand against the arbitrary power and despotism so closely associated with the current administration, when standing-up means something. They do so at great personal risk!

Like all heroes, they’ll be denigrated by the leftist media who will do their best to make them suffer for being right.

Their righteous heroism, however, does not go unnoticed by real Americans, minority though we may be!