25 Feb 13

“When the rain comes, they run and hide their heads. They might as well be dead”

Lyrics from “Rain,” written and sung by the Beatles in 1966

I was on the phone today with a long-time friend and colleague who happens to be an elected sheriff in a rural county and boldly presides over a thirty-man department. He has been tasked to speak with school officials and school-board members in his county tomorrow on the subject of school security and was interested in my input.

We discussed the usual subjects. He agrees with me that “lock-downs” and “gun-free zones” are ineffective fluff that repeatedly, incontrovertibly fail to protect students and staff. They represent hollow, dishonest, ineffectual dogma, designed to impress the naive, rather than provide any substantive shield against real violence.

Unfortunately, this impotent dogma is thoroughly entrenched in the liberal minds of educators at all levels. And, if there is anything a liberal will never do, it is admit he is wrong! It doesn’t matter how many times a system fails, when liberals are in love with it (because it is attached to their own egos), facts will never matter to them.

So, I provided the only advice I, in good conscience, could. I suggested either posting at least one armed deputy at every school, or start arming and training selected school staff, appointing them as “security officers” (in addition to their regular duties).

Of course, liberals will object at first. They will have to be assured it will all be done quietly, so they’ll never be compelled to acknowledge their own philosophical errors.

Sadly, the most likely result will be that they will listen politely, and then no decision will ever be made! Nothing will be done, and existing, failed (albeit “comfortable”) systems will all stay in place, until the next school shooting. Then, we’ll all go through the entire charade once more, with the same result.

As many notable military commanders have said, the biggest problem with any war is convincing people we’re in one! Jeremiah, and all other “prophets-with-the-bad-news,” were ever unpopular in their own time. Then, as now, few wanted to confront the unhappy truth, preferring cozy lies instead, no matter how demonstrably false.

So, Operators like the sheriff and I should not be astonished when we resemble a voice, crying in the wilderness, but cry we must.

Still, we’re in good company. Wouldn’t you agree?

“Tell me I’m crazy (maybe I know)”

From “Can’t Help Lovin’ Dat Man,” from the 1927 musical production, “Showboat,” by Kern and Hammerstein. Most famous rendition was sung by Ava Gardner in the 1951 movie version.