5 Feb 13

This from a close friend in the industry:

“I have been in the firearms/ammunition distribution business since I left my agency in 1988, and I have never seen Americans this desperate to buy anything and everything associated with weapons and effective fighting. The current situation is unprecedented!

Not only guns and ammunition, but holsters, cleaning equipment, and every accouterment imaginable is either sold-out, or in short supply. Same with MREs and most other self-sustenance equipment and supplies.

I was at a large Cabelas in the Midwest today, and there is virtually no ammunition, in any serious caliber, remaining on shelves.

Gun, accessory, and ammunition manufacturers are ramping-up to meet demand, but ever so cautiously, as none can predict the outcome of current pending legislation and subsequent court decisions. No one wants to wake-up one morning, only to discover that he owns a warehouse full of expensive product that has suddenly become illegal.

So, none of us should expect any species of relief, any time soon!”

Comment: It won’t get better! With the volatile international situation, militaries around the world will continue to demand, and consume, every round of small-arms ammunition that can be produced. Jittery government agencies get the rest. We peons get what falls through the cracks!

In the training business, we are having to moderate ammunition consumption during Courses, as students are unable to get their hands of quantities necessary to expend it at former rates. In addition, everyone wants to retain adequate personal stashes, as it is impossible to know when, and to what degree, they can be returned to “normal.”

It is in the personal best interest of all of us to prepare as best we can, but,

“When you don’t have it, you don’t have it!”

“When fools and folly rule the world, the end of Man may come as a rude shock, but it can hardly come as a surprise!”

Abdul Rahman Pazmak