27 Feb 13

In light of our vice-president’s (if you can call him that) recent “advice” to frightened citizens, women in particular, I checked with friends with the Secret Service. They confirmed that they have not a single double-barrel shotgun in their entire inventory, but they do have lots of “hard-to-use,” and “difficult-to-aim” M4s.

Imagine that!

Our vice-president apparently doesn’t take his own advice!

Also not taking his advice is the vast majority of Americans, in fact all Americans who have two brain-cells to rub together. There is still no “run” (even after the vice-president’s enthusiastic endorsement) on double-barrel shotguns, but there is a continuing, and desperate, one on M4s, despite the fact that we’re assured they’re useless, by no less an “authority” than our vice-president.

Can you imagine if a Republican were saying the same thing? All newspapers, and the entire liberal media, would be contemptuously dismissing him as a demented, feeble-minded imbecile and laughing him off the front page. But, the media keeps assuring us that Democrats can do no wrong, and that they deserve our respect, even when they don’t.

Now that we’re casually emptying federal prisons, because we can no longer afford to house violent convicts, we still continue to be told that all we need is a whistle and a “safe-zone,” or two, and, although all guns are “ishy,” double-barrel shotguns are tolerable, at least for now.

A nation of spoiled children has elected a government of amoral hoodlums, and we’re all astonished when they lie to us, more or less continuously. And, we’re also surprised when we learn they consider their own lives important enough for real protection, while simultaneously dismissing ours as inconsequential/trivial/expendable.

“No greater wrong can ever be done than to put a good man at the mercy of a bad man, while insisting the good man not defend himself, nor his fellows. In no other way can the success of evil be made surer, nor quicker.”