17 Sept 14

“We have met the enemy, and he is us!”

Pogo’s comic strip, first seen in 1972

From a friend in FL:

“Today, as the president is speaking, by the main gate at Hurlbert Field (home of the elite USAF Special Operations Command), there is posted a large (black letters on white background) sign bearing the words:

‘No Weapons Allowed on Base.’

So, USAF Special Operators walk around base, plus enter and depart the base, continuously unarmed

… more correctly DISarmed, by BHO-era DOD rules.”


Terrorists, looking for convenient “gun-free zones” (“Unarmed Victim Zones”) need look no further than our military bases!

Our “heroes” apparently can’t be trusted with guns. They’re obviously not nearly “heroic enough” to be entrusted with the means to protect themselves. Even highly-trained “Special Operators,” officers, and NCOs are dishonorably heaped into this same contemptible category of defenseless pawns.

Commanders don’t trust their men, and troops are left to the inescapable conclusion that their lives and safety are not considered particularly significant, by anyone up the food-chain, especially those at the top!

After successful attacks on our military bases, our “solution” has been to completely disarm all potential victims!

Pogo was right. With “leadership” like this, we don’t need enemies!

“The question isn’t, ‘Am I being paranoid?’ It’s, ‘Am I being paranoid enough?’”