29 Aug 23
When leftist agendas and careers trump public safety
Recent fires in Lahaina on the Hawaiian Island of Maui painfully illustrate the practical effect of liberal/Communist philosophy, currently embraced by Democrats.
The dear religion of environmentalism/collectivism absolutely require that:
1) Plant growth can never be “disturbed.” Plants must grow as they will and never be cut-back, trimmed, or controlled in any way
2) Water is “sacred” and must be distributed only according leftist principles, even when desperately needed to fight fires.
3) Citizens must be treated like herds of livestock. People must never be allowed to make their own decisions.
Results of this enforced lunacy were devastating!
Downed power lines (not “global warming”) ignited fires in uncut grass, which provided plenty of fuel. Only the blind didn’t see this coming!
Water was not allowed to flow to firefighting efforts, as that would be “unfair”.
For reasons still a “secret,” the few outbound roads were blocked by local authorities, preventing desperate people from escaping flames. As a result, hapless people burned to death while in their cars and in their homes. A few among the audacious survived only by ignoring authorities and driving through/around road blocks.
We still don’t have an accurate body count and probably never will, as local “authorities” are now feverishly trying to cover-up their own criminal  incompetence
Lessons (re)learned:
Where Democrats are in charge, agendas and career-protection always come first! Leftist politics does not attract respectable, honorable people, as we see. Never has! Only the disreputable, sleazy, amoral gravitate toward leftist politics.
Gone are the days when “authorities” valued the safety of individual lives and property. The entire “system” is now set-up only to protect and promote leftist political agendas/political careers, and nothing else. In fact, you will probably be arrested for trying to protect your own property, even your life.
When bad events happens (natural and manufactured), politicians will always take extreme measures to protect themselves. Conversely, you are forgotten and on your own, as we see.
You may, or may not, get accurate, useful information in real time. What you’re guaranteed to get is useless excuse-making and blame-shifting. Never believe anything coming from the lips of politicians, until it has been officially denied!
Accordingly, you’ll have to assess the situation as best you can, by all means available, including direct observation. When it is your judgment that evacuation is necessary, don’t hesitate; don’t delay, and don’t wait for “permission” You may have to disregard “advise” and/or “orders”
As always, individual perpetration, independent thinking,  and self-sufficiency are critical! The clueless, dependent, unprepared, ill-equipped, unarmed, gullible don’t get to die of old age!
“It seems that readers who want fiction to be like life are considerably outnumbered by those who would like life to be like fiction.”
Sarah Caudwell