1 Sept 23
“Being armed with a deadly weapon and simultaneously thinking I am doing something ‘routine’ is simply impossible for me”
We all need to wake up!
A middle-aged Navy veteran, walking his dog right outside his own home in a “nice part” of Philadelphia, was precipitously attacked and severely beaten yesterday.
He required hospitalization, and is lucky to be alive!
While hardly “unusual,” this event painfully reveals the current state of our civilization.
A few points:
1) Assuming other people you meet every day will follow that same rule-book you do is foolish in the extreme!

2) Your dog (when not specifically trained to protect you) represents zero deterrent to criminal violence!

3) See one VCA? Expect that he brought a friend, or two!
4) Unlikely police will arrive in time to “save” anyone! In this case, they didn’t arrive at all!
5) The “fight-of-your-life” may unfold on your doorstep, even inside your own home.
Some go armed only “when in the bad part of town” Curiously, “the bad part of town” is always somewhere
They’re kidding themselves, dangerously, as we see!
6) Lightweight kit, carried on the person continuously, will beat heavy kit left behind, every time!
“Opportunities presented to an unprepared person become a fairy tale of what might have been.”
Jeffrey Duarte