22 Nov 15

Credibility Gap:

City of Los Angeles Council Members recently passed an ordinance banning magazines that hold more than ten rounds. Of course, that number will soon be reduced to six!

City residents were granted a “grace period” of sixty days within which to “turn them in,” or otherwise get rid of them. That period just expired.

During the sixty-day period, not a single one has been turned in!

Now obviously back-peddling, an apologetic LAPD Police Commander, sounding like a spider talking to a fly, said Angelenos can still surrender now-illegal magazines at any police station without fear of arrest.

Few apparently believe him!

Of course, the ban has been challenged in court, particularly since double-faced council members who voted for it have specifically exempted themselves!

So, what happens now?

Nothing! It’s an election year.

With world events, along with violent domestic crime, spinning out of control, all under liberal “leadership,” Americans, even Angelenos, are in no mood to be told by liberal politicians that they are too stupid to own guns with the “normal-capacity” magazines for which they were designed.

In CT, now CA, Americans are becoming defiant, actively resisting leftist tyranny,

Imagine that!