20 Nov 15

DTI Operator Series:

A while back, I announced that we will be introducing paid subscriptions to supplemental instruction.

Many responded to our survey regarding this video series. Your feedback has been invaluable in tailoring video topics. We have used your feedback to shape content, terms, and benefits of our

“DTI Operator Series.”

Subscriptions will become available in coming weeks. Once the website is tested and secure, we’ll send out a link.


There are no tier-based subscriptions (“standard” vs “premium” memberships). All Subscribers get full access.

Subscribers may apply 25% of their subscription cost toward tuition to any DTI on-site course.

Many ask what I recommend in the way of tactical gear, and, because I don’t accept endorsement/kick-back deals, I will freely tell you what works and what doesn’t, without you having to suspect my motives.

I do not have, nor have I ever had, any financial connection with a vendor, although the good ones are all personal friends, and I’m happy to recommend them, but I’m never paid to do so.

So, when we feature a particular product, I will include information on where to get it, and, at the option of the vendor, provide exclusive discount codes to my students and subscribers.

When I can help you get set-up with gear that works, I’ll do it, but you deal directly with the vendor. I don’t function as a middle-man, nor do I stand to benefit financially no matter what you decide to do. I’m not comfortable with any other arrangement!