29 Oct 13

More on “NYC adventures,” from a friend there:

“CNN, forever apologizing for gaffes associated with anti-gun legislation, reported, incorrectly as always, that a man was recently arrested at JFK, attempting to ‘board a plane with (1) loaded and defaced rifles and (2) high-capacity magazines.’

Wrong on every count!

When magazines are charged with more than seven rounds, New York Democrats believe the world will end. They are actually ‘normal-capacity’ magazines.

‘Loaded,’ is deliberately mistranslated. Ammunition for the rifle was somewhere in the same suitcase. Most sane people describe a ‘loaded’ gun as one containing ammunition. Not in NY! There, ‘loaded’ means being in simultaneous possession of both a gun and ammunition that can be loaded into it. Thus, unloaded guns become ‘loaded guns.’ In NY, lies become ‘truth.’ Orwell would be right at home!

‘Defaced,’ in this case, once again deliberately misrepresented by the media, means painted pink! Apparently in NY, guns can only be ‘standard’ gun-colors.

Finally, again lied about, the gentleman had the gun in his checked baggage, not in a carry-on bag.

To add insult to injury, when one goes to NY’s Website in order to see what is legal and what is not, there is a cynical disclaimer stating, ‘… this does not constitute legal advice. Check with a lawyer.’

What a cruel joke.”


“‘Necessity’ is the plea of every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants, the creed of slaves.”