10 Oct 23
Some Lessons:
1) Hamas terrorists are wearing chest-rigs over civilian clothing.
Quick in. Quick out!
2) Current anti-Israel protests in NYC and Harvard University display signs labeled “Party for Socialism and Liberation” These exact-same signs are seen at BLM and ANTIFA events (frequently preceding mayhem, arson, and looting, “mostly peaceful,” of course)
3) Few Israeli civilians were armed when terrorist attacks began. The Israeli government has, until recently, been disinclined to trust citizens with guns, owing to lingering British influence.
4) However, those few armed Israeli settlements successfully repelled terrorists. Unarmed ones witnessed their residents slaughtered wholesale!
5) Over here, some local PD’s are stepping-up patrols around synagogues, Christian churches
Well-organized attacks upon Jews and Christians, here in CONUS in the near future, are likely!
6) The armed, trained, alert, and prepared will prevail. The unarmed, clueless, and ill-prepared will die in amazement,  like sheep.
Always happens that way!
“Who is best prepared can best serve his moment of inspiration.”
Samuel Coleridge