11 Oct 23
More Lessons:
“Lessons learned at bitter cost are promptly forgotten, usually within a single generation, and thus must be “re-learned” all over again (at great price) by the foolish who don’t study history”
The War has started. It’s too late to “do it differently!”
There is scant doubt that observant intelligence analysts, in both Israel and the USA, in the normal course of just doing their jobs, saw plain indications that this attack on Israel was imminent.
Plans and mobilization for an attack on this level cannot be kept secret!
Yet, when these dedicated analysts came to their woke bosses, saying, “We need to pay attention to this!”
Their bosses contemptuously dismissed them with something like, “Don’t worry about it”
When the shallow and self-centered don’t want something to be true, they simply “pretend” it’s not true!
That’s exactly what happened at Pearl Harbor in 1941, in Vietnam just prior to the Tet Offensive in 1968 (I was there for that one!), and in NYC in September of 2001.
The Israeli government is now (a little late!) distributing military rifles and ammunition to citizens.
Heretofore, such weapons were locked in armories, even in border areas, and not kept in homes of people who desperately needed them close at hand and instantly deployable.
Israel’s borders (like ours) are mostly “symbolic” Most Israelis living in border areas naively believed various fences and occasional patrols actually represented a legitimate “deterrent”
Once again, a convenient “belief,” but complete fantasy!
For the decades since 1948, many Israelis foolishly believed that when they were just nice to their Arab neighbors (who vociferously hate their guts) that these very people, who continuously vow to exterminate every one of them, would some day “learn to like us!”
Maybe a noble-minded thought, but complete nonsense, as we see, and have seen over and over!
Israel, and really all of Western Civilization, suffered (and continues to suffer) from a dastardly
surprise attack several day ago that deliberately targeted defenseless non-combatants. It has plunged the area into intense warfare, warfare that may not stay contained to the region!
I’m so weary of hearing “Never Again,” because I’ve heard it so many times before, yet “never” keeps happening, to Jews and to the rest of Western Civilization!
Short memories lead to short lives!