24 Feb 12

This from a friend working with American “news” media:

“Of eight people on the news-crew, only one had the slightest clue how to operate and fire a bolt-action M700 rifle. So, we had ‘school’ for an hour, each of them taking turns. Some, including the host, could eventually hit a steel silhouette at 400m.

One crew-member, from LA, indicated that he wanted to buy an M1A Socom. I obligingly pulled my copy out of my truck for him to try. After firing the first round, he racked the op-handle and, of course, ejected a live round. Fired again, and then manually ejected another live round. It was obvious that he didn’t understand how an auto-loading rifle works!

So, this kid wanted a rifle he didn’t know the first thing about. Six of these ‘news’ men were of military age, but none had previously never touched, much less fired, any kind of gun in their entire sheltered lives.”

Comment: With such rampant, willful (even haughty) ignorance among “news” people, one might think they would be a little cautious about self-righteous, pseudo-sanctimonious editorializing with regard to fellow Americans privately owning guns.

We clearly expect too much of them!