26 Feb 12

This weekend, I was in Memphis, TN participating in long-time friend, Tom Givens’,
“Polite Society” get-together. We all enjoyed rhapsodic camaraderie and numerous lecturers by assorted Operators (including me). Of course, I wouldn’t miss dinner at famous Leonard’s BBQ, and all of us shot the challenging live-fire event on Tom’s range. There were one-hundred participants.

You have to be invited!

All stages of Tom’s live-fire challenge this year were conducted in low light and from concealment. Few “rules.” Use a flashlight if you wish, back-up gun if you wish. Move as necessary. Use cover as necessary. Reload whenever you want.

All of us were “hot” anyway! Most of us, when asked, “Are you ready,” replied courtly, “Let’s do it!”

Targets were dressed mannequins. “Non-targets” were also dressed mannequins, and they were all mixed in with each other. Targets fell when hit. Didn’t when not. It was exciting!

I shot the event with my Gen4/G23 and Cor-Bon DPX. My BUG is a Kahr PM45. Both are carried in Comp-Tac IWB holsters. I scored somewhere in the middle.

Training drills like this are invaluable to me, because I participate “blind.” That is, I had nothing to do with design, nor set-up. I go in having no idea of what to expect, and there is no time to “get ready!” I get to bobble, blunder, and make mistakes just like everyone else!
Lecturers included Claude Werner, Paul Gomez, Marty Topper, “Southnarc,” Glenn Meyer, Karl Rehn, Steve Moses, Rob Pincus, Skip Gochenour, Jim Higgenbotham, Chuck Haggard, Spencer Keepers, Bill Aprill, John Hearne, Tom Givens, Leslie Buck, Shane Kerwin, and me.

Subjects ranged from Executive Protection to Tactical Treatment of Gunshot Wounds. Several classes were hands-on and included knife-fighting and aggressive disengagement from unknown contacts.

Tom Given’s dedication to the advancement of our Art is not confined to lip-service. Tom unselfishly hosts this event every year, and gives all of us a chance to update our maps and test our individual Operator repertoires.

Our thanks to Tom and Lynne for doing this. Good show!

Not to be missed!