19 Sept 23
“Most ‘activists’ are just attention-craving hypocrites.”
Abhijit Naskar
In yesterday’s issue of the Washington Post, we see this gratuitous headline:
“Lawmakers are spending way more to keep themselves safe.
Is it enough?”
Apparently, there can never be enough of our money spent to protect liberal political elites, who are already rich!
We weary taxpayers know from bitter experience that when it comes to effortlessly spending our hard-earned tax-dollars on personal security for politicians, it can never be “enough!”
Apparently looking for sympathy, politicians now insist that more needs to be done (read that: “more of our tax-dollars needs to be spent”) to protect them and their staffs from “a dramatic rise in daily threats.”
Well, what about our “daily threats,” way down here in peon-land?
We have to live in the middle of this liberal-manufactured crime-wave too!
And since unlike elite politicians, we expendable peons don’t have limitless access to the Federal Treasury, we’re forced to spend our own money on “personal security” (what little is left after taxes).
I might have slightly more sympathy if these same politicians were not doing everything they can to pass legislation making guns illegal for all of us, everyone but themselves!
I might start listening to liberal politicians, when they finally begin to personally live their own pious anti-gun rhetoric.
When they surrender all their own guns, and then dismiss their own heavily-armed, taxpayer-funded security teams, including getting-rid of all those “weapons of war,” I might have some grudging respect for them.
As it is, I have none, even less sympathy!
By the same token, I might start listening to their endless “climate change” rap, when they personally adhere to the very “cures” they’re promoting, ie: an end to capitalism and ushering-in “socialist utopia.”
But instead, I see these same liberals buying luxurious beachfront mansions, being driven around by uniformed chauffeurs in gas-guzzling limousines, and gallivanting the world on private jets.
What they conspicuously are (woke hypocrites) speaks infinitely louder than their shallow, self-righteous pontification!