17 Sept 23
“Incestuous, homogeneous fiefdoms of self-proclaimed elites, always rank-closing, mutually self-defending”
Glenn Greenwald
Freedom is suddenly popular, even in NYC, despite the fact that it makes elite liberals nervous!
A NYC Council member from Brooklyn (Ukrainian-born practicing NYC attorney, Inna Vernikov, formally Democrat, but recently switched-over to Republican) is one (among a enormous flood) of NYC residents currently taking advantage of the US Supreme Court’s Bruen Decision of late last year.
She has acquired at least one pistol and had has applied for, and been issued, a NYS Concealed Carry Permit.
Prior to Bruen, NYS concealed-carry permits were issued to some NY residents who did not live in NYC. They were honored everywhere in the State, except NYC! NYC had their own system, and getting a permit through them was restricted to the politically “connected.” “Ordinary” New Yorkers need not apply!
NYC’s “system” required that the applicant list “good cause” for wanting to carry concealed in the City. As you might imagine, no cause was ever “good enough.” Not surprisingly, only top City officials, along with friends and supporters, were ever considered “worthy.”
Imagine that!
Bruen has supposedly thrown all that out, but local Democrat politicians are trying desperately to restore the old system (which favored only them), including cynically declaring most of the City to be “sensitive,” and thus off-limits to concealed-carriers. Thus, it is virtually impossible to travel anywhere in NYC without inadvertently straying into a “sensitive area” This is, of course, by design!
Naturally, armed Democrat politicians needn’t concern themselves with any “sensitive area” designation!
In any event, Vernikov is boldly leading the way out of this pseudo-legalistic morass!
With NYPD hopelessly under-staffed (after being gutted by the de Blasio Administration), and City policing thus thin and weakened, violent crime is out-of-control, waxing worse by the day.
Accordingly, increasing numbers of beleagued New Yorkers are reluctantly concluding that they must assume complete personal responsibility for their own protection, or move out of the City, maybe the State (many are also exercising that option).
Being Jewish, Vernikov is painfully aware of the, often violent, anti-Jewish atmosphere in the City (part of the currently-fashionable “woke culture,” embraced by Democrat politicians), and has thus volunteered to be part of her local synagogue’s security staff.
There are some Jews who have an issue with protecting their lives with gunfire, but most don’t!
Most Jews now regard “going armed” a grim necessity. The practice is no longer “controversial” within the majority of the NYC Jewish Community (and Jewish Communities most other places).
NYC’s current mayor, Eric Adams (Democrat), recently declared “There are too many guns ‘on the street.’”
His smug indictment apparently doesn’t include his guns!
“It is elitism, and its unending encroachments, that characterize the true cancer that cripples our society.”
Gavin Nascimento