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24 Jan 23   Rich punks!   Arrested perps from recent Atlanta, GA rioting, guilty of shooting police officers, massive destruction of property, and a host of other crimes of violence, as it turns out are mostly rich, white punks from places other than Atlanta!   In stark resurrection of the murderous “Weather Underground” of […]

SHOT Show, Last Day

20 Jan 23   2023 SHOT Show, Last Day:   The 2023 SHOT Show is now over. From what I saw, it was the biggest I’ve ever been to!   The entire Sands Convention Center, both floors, plus all the ballrooms, plus the entirety of the adjacent (and enormous) Cesar’s Forum were completely filled with […]

2023 SHOT Show, Third Day

19 Jan 23   2023 SHOT Show, Third Day:   Safariland’s Gen-4 “Vault” duty holster is designed to accommodate service pistols equipped with both a mounted flashlight and a RDO! When the pistol is holstered, there is no possibility of anything coming into contact with the trigger. This takes weapon retention to a new level! […]

SHOT Show , Second Day

18 Jan 23   2023 Shot Show, Las Vegas, NV, Second Day:   Saw a lot of things today!   Friends at Underwood Ammunition tell me tell me their 90gr 9mm +p FTM-bullet round, called the “Extreme Defender,” (1475 f/s) is now their best seller, superceding their 115gr 9mm +p all-copper hollow-point (1250 f/s). Underwood […]

2023 SHOT Show, First Day

17 Jan 23   2023 Shot Show, Las Vegas, NV, First Day:   Why are American gun and ammunition manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, dealers, trainers, and gun-owners so enthusiastically celebrating this 2023 SHOT Show?   In what other nation could we, or anyone, openly celebrate like this?   Within Communist regimes in China, Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, […]

2023 SHOT Show, Range Day

16 Jan 23   2023 SHOT Show, Range Day.   As always, today was Range Day at the expansive Boulder Rifle Club Range in Henderson, NV, where we were able to get our hands on, and actually shoot, some new products in the gun world, all of which will also be displayed at their respective […]

There are things that you cannot imagine…

15 Jan 23   Political violence.   “One of the chief guarantees of freedom under any government, no matter how popular and respected, is the right of the citizen to keep and bear arms… The right of the citizen to bear arms is a safeguard against tyranny, which now (1960) appears remote in America, but […]

Defiant Munitions Discount Code

12 Jan 23   Defiant Munitions   Defiant’s discount code for DTI students is now:   DTI23   For serious purposes, I travel with 9mm (9×19) +p 115gr DM TCX (all copper), and in my travel-rifle DM 223Rem (5.56×45) 55gr TCX (also all copper)   These two are available via same-day shipping, at least for […]

The Art of War!

11 Jan 23   “Before all else, be armed!”   Niccolo Machiavelli   Early today, just months after three Parisians were murdered and three others seriously injured when a terrorist started shooting randomly at a local Kurdish cultural center, another terrorist, this time using a “home-made bladed weapon,” precipitously attacked innocent Parisians at a busy […]


10 Jan 23   Despite pressure from leftist Democrat politicians, the Erie County, NY DA is courageously prosecuting two dozen people who were arrested for looting during the recent “Western NY Blizzard of 2022.”   This DA spent time in FL and personally witnessed wide-spread looting following hurricanes.   Accordingly, he has scant tolerance!   […]


6 Jan 23   “The deployment of millions of men cannot be ‘improvised.’ It is the result of years of planning, and once set in motion, cannot be changed.   If His Majesty insists on precipitously sending all available troops to the east, he would not get a battle-ready army, but rather a disorganized hoard […]


2 Jan 23   Symptoms of our return to feudalism:   A tiny MA coastal town (mostly an island) is currently experiencing a dangerous situation, owning to an abundance of hungry, aggressive, and increasingly-fearless local coyotes!   Coyotes are pouncing upon, and subsequently dining on, domestic cats, dogs, and other pets, and are mostly unimpressed […]