2 Jan 23
Symptoms of our return to feudalism:
A tiny MA coastal town (mostly an island) is currently experiencing a dangerous situation, owning to an abundance of hungry, aggressive, and increasingly-fearless local coyotes!
Coyotes are pouncing upon, and subsequently dining on, domestic cats, dogs, and other pets, and are mostly unimpressed with owners of these pets who try to intervene. Such unarmed intervention has resulted in many terrified, pajama-clad residents being chased back into their own homes!
But of course, the State of MA is a Democrat-dominated, woke, leftist fiefdom, where legal individual ownership of any species of gun is extremely difficult, heavily discouraged, and where government administrators and legislators are currently scurrying about, frantically trying to devise creative ways to avoid complying with our Supreme Court’s recent Bruen Decision.
Not surprisingly, marauding coastal coyotes are simultaneously convulsing with laughter as local hand-wringing, sweaty-palmed Bidenistas vainly look-to a range of beyond-hilarious, nonsensical schemes aimed at scaring them off.
Incapable and unwilling to take decisive, personal action to protect themselves from this pernicious threat to their pets and children, MA’s hysterical, squealing VBCs have tried to persuade the US Dept of Agriculture to send-in a legion of rifle-toting “animal-control specialists” to gun-down these pesky coyotes, since any local citizen (on his own initiative) doing the same thing would be immediately thrown in prison!
In MA, coyotes are “protected.” People are not!
There’s a vital lesson here for all Americans who value our individual freedom:
Simply put:
MA’s “coyote-fearers” are devoted “Somebody-Elsers,” professing “adults” who have reflexively and pathetically chosen to out-source to “somebody else” protection of their own children.
This results from Democrat politicians working relentlessly and pathologically to deprive fellow Americans of all our Constitutional rights, but most particularly our Second Amendment Rights.
Democrats sincerely believe “mere” American citizens (peons) have no need to buy, own, nor carry any kind of firearm, since they also naively believe that “somebody else” can always be instantly summoned by heralds (shouting-down from high upon Democrat castle walls) when an armed, plebeian official (police) should ever be needed to resolve a threat to public safety.
Curious that these same Democrats work tirelessly to threaten and de-fund these same police!
There are thus many American “adults” who are utterly unwilling to assume the slightest individual responsibility for protecting themselves and their families. We call them VBCs, (Victims, by Choice)
In post-WWI (1923) America, such timid people would be derided and shamed as abject cowards!
In 2023, their timid ascendants, utterly devoid of courage, skill, and willpower, are invariably registered Democrats.
Democrat politicians, whom they vote for (along with their sycophantic mainstream media allies) insist the we should all be content to be naive “Somebody Elsers.”
When sudden death rears its ugly head, without warning, and challenges them as they frantically shout-out, begging in-vain for “somebody else” to magically appear and save them, since they are unable to save themselves,
… they die in amazement, whimpering,
“This is so unfair!”
“In a state of tranquility, wealth, and luxury, our descendants will forget the Art of War and the noble zeal which made their ancestors invincible.
Every corruption will be employed to loosen the Bond of Union which renders our resistance formidable.
When the Spirit of Liberty, which now animates our hearts and gives success to our arms, is
extinct, numbers will accelerate our ruin and render us easy victims to tyranny.”
Samuel Adams