18 Jan 23
2023 Shot Show, Las Vegas, NV, Second Day:
Saw a lot of things today!
Friends at Underwood Ammunition tell me tell me their 90gr 9mm +p FTM-bullet round, called the “Extreme Defender,” (1475 f/s) is now their best seller, superceding their 115gr 9mm +p all-copper hollow-point (1250 f/s). Underwood also makes a 52gr 5.56mm all-copper round. All three rounds represent excellent choices for serious purposes.
A GA company, called “LEO Takedown” makes a system for rapidly removing the barrel on an M4, for the purpose of low-profile transport. The barrel can be removed (and replaced) virtually instantly! The result is similar to the FoldAR I handled during Range Day.
Shadow Systems just introduced the C9920 Pistol. It’s a thin, compact 14-shooter (9mm), similar to the SIG 365. For regular concealed carry it is very well-suited. I have an SS MR920 (size of a G19), which I carry, but this new pistol is even better suited. Shadow Systems enjoys a very good reputation!

DSA, American makers of the FAL, also enjoys an excellent reputation! The version you want is the M58/CTC (Compact Tactical Carbine, w/folding stock). DS’s new folding stock is wonderful! DSA’s FAL magazines are also top-drawer!

Brian Hoffman’s new folding knife is called the “Forward Gentleman” Blade can be snapped in place from either direction. I’ll have a copy shortly!
Barrett has been sold to an Australian company, but will stay in the USA. New owners have worked with Barrett for years, so no changes are anticipated. Barrett’s bolt-action sniper rifle, the “MRAD” (Multi-Roll Adaptive Design, in 308, 300Norma, and 338Norma) is currently in such heavy demand by various militaries that the company has little spare time for other products!
For those with obscure pistols for whom no one makes a holster, need to contact Blackhawk and get a copy of the “Formlok” The Formlok is heated and the pistol then inserted as the holster forms around it.
The “Pivot” 9mm rifle, manufactured by Trailblazer Firearms, instantly converts from a extremely compact “folded” package, into a functional rifle. Again, well-suited for low-profile travel!
M+M, from CO, manufactures the M10X rifle. They had numerous copies on display. This new rifle is reminiscent of an AK, but simpler and slicker. 7.62×39 and accepts AK magazines. I’ll have a copy for testing shortly!
PTR of SC, makers of the roller-delayed blowback PTR91 (American-made HK91/G3) in 308 caliber (also 7.62×39) now have a scaled-down version in 5.56×45 (also in roller-delayed blowback) called the PTR63. The only other version of this design is the MarColMar CETME.
SIG has no booth at the 2023 SHOT Show! SIG has apparently decided not to attend, as have a number of
other manufacturers one would think would be here.
More tomorrow!