19 Jan 23
2023 SHOT Show, Third Day:
Safariland’s Gen-4 “Vault” duty holster is designed to accommodate service pistols equipped with both a mounted flashlight and a RDO! When the pistol is holstered, there is no possibility of anything coming into contact with the trigger. This takes weapon retention to a new level!
Blackhawk makes something very similar.
Some years ago, Beretta’s 1201 tactical shotgun was superseded by the 1301. The 1301 has now been superseded by the “A300/Patrol.” This new shotgun is the one you want!
Mossberg’s premier tactical shotgun is the 940/Pro. This is also the one you want!
I mentioned the “Pivot” folding 9mm rifle yesterday. Today, I handled Kel-Tec’s equivalent, the “SUB2K” It accepts Glock magazines, which is a real asset!
Primary Arms’ “Vulcan” pistol RDO features a standard red (or green) dot, but has a large, faint illuminated ring around it, so that even when you can’t see the dot right away, the ring will guide your eye to it. This represents a real improvement in RDOs!
Lots of suppressor cans on display, even though they’re still an NFA item. Thunder Beast even makes one for an M2 (50BMG)!
A company called “Wicked Edge” makes an amazing knife sharpener. They demonstrated it on my Hoffner Folder (that I carry continuously). Sharper than new!
“Flat” pistols triggers are all the rage! Curved trigger faces are now passe! If flat trigger faces represent some kind of performance improvement, it’s pretty minor, in my opinion!
Tomorrow is the last day!